My house on a tree

My house on a tree


When I was a little girl, I found a dreamy place on a hill,

I run towards it till I reached the top and felt a magic trill

There I built a house on a tree and wrote my little fairy tale

 I turned into a Princess, a Prince, a Queen and a King

I was fighting evil monsters, and I would always, always win

I was running wild and free, I was fearless, brave and untamed

I was a warrior and I would kill, all the evil creatures of the night

They were getting on my way as I was ready to fly  high like a kite

Then I'd rest my big dreams, on the house that I built on my chosen treee

I would walked through the forest, milages of fun, laughters and dreams 

I shivered and felt some deep fears running through my skin

But I knew I'd be fine, as I had chosen the perfect place

where I built my house on a tree where I was

I was a Prince, a Princess, a king and a Queen

and I'd always, always win

I had a rope I used to swing on,

Swinging, swinging wild and free

Running high up to the sun

Among the greenery leaves of my mighty tree

And the branches were the stairs that would take me up to the sky

My secret path to a paradise

I felt magic, free and wild, a creature with a shining mind and piercing eyes

Like a bird among its peers, like a fish in its Ocean

It was in my house on a tree that I found the safety and joy I craved

And now that everything has turned dark and bleak

Now that I lost all the vibes

Feeling lost at sea, bygone, empty and tired

I am still looking for that house 

That I built one day that has gone and been lost in my mind

Oh My dear house on that old, strong, mighty tree

A divine secret place

where I turned into a Princess, a Prince,a King and Queen

Whenever I felt too scared and weak

Now, I remember, what I used to be

When I lived in my dear house on a tree, 

I was a hero of a beautiful fairytale

I have written all by myself, 

On a solitary day, perched upon a branch of 

My beautiful old, strong, mighty tree

One day, when I was just a little girl