Francesca Lombardo

Francesca Lombardo is an Italian-British journalist, writer and independent author who has been living in London since 1997. Prior to her journalistic career she has worked in London for Thomson Reuters, Ink publishing and London based starts up companies. She graduated from La Sapienza in Rome in Media Study and Literature and has obtained a Master's degree in Printed Journalism from the LCC of London. She has been reporting for for SkyCinema Italy from London since 2010 as well as writing for La Repubblica's Saturday magazine: La Repubblica delle Donne. As a journalist, her writing has been published by the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, the Herald (Scotland), The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Express, Express, The Irish Times, Sunday Business Post, A Place in the Sun, Vogue Italy, D Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore.

Francesca Lombardo brings a unique combination of business and journalistic/communication experience in the media, entertainment, property sector and educational field. She has co-founded a film production company working as the Director for Marketing and Communication and launched the pre-production global marketing campaign of the company's IP. In 2014 she has founded Daily Fairy Tales, an independent publishing company which undertook the production, the marketing and the distribution of her children's book series Beatrice and the London Bus now available on Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon, Guardian Books, Daily Mail books, Ebay, Walmart, etc and its spin offs, including the official books song, You wanna hang out with a London Bus ©francescalombardo2014 published in volume 3 in 2015 as the kid character song. In addition to this, she works as a consultant for small and medium size companies on copywriting, communication, marketing and content production projects. She has authored a children's book series titled Beatrice and the LondonBus and created an educational project London Meets its children for which she has collaborated with the GLA (Greater London Authority) Educational Department, Kids Company, Merlin Entertainment (London Eye) and the London Transport Museum. She presented the Beatrice and the London Bus book series on London Live News in 2017 and currently runs publishing, book and writing workshops for schools, universities and educational organisations. She is currently working on four new writing projects some are set to be released soon: "Singing in the Storm", "The Passing Stranger, The Intrepid Sailor and the Silent Captain" "We believe you because we haven't been believed ourselves" "The little Hat Man" "Let me be your DEVIL today" "Sognavo di ballare con le farfalle" "The Phantom Bus" - Hallowing Edition of Beatrice and the London Bus book series.

She also writes and compose songs (Music and lyrics) which are soon to be published in her poem book "Singing in the storm" and has composed and written the official Beatrice and the London Bus song You wanna hang out with a London Bus in 2014. The song has been published in the Beatrice and the London Bus books(Volume 3) and has been performed and recorded in various public venues such as schools and educational workshops, as the official Bus song of Beatrice and the London Bus books.


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