At first when you got a tune and some words that go with that, it can be incredibly overwhelming….you kind of feel intoxicated by it..in a positive way, you can experience sheer happiness…..you sing it and re-sing it and play it and reply it to yourself over and over again…almost obsessively; as if your entire soul and body needs to get accustomed to it, but also, out of fear…that the same way it came ..it could just disappear from you ..… and so you play it and play and play it all over again…. till you finally move to a point where you blend with it. It is no longer an excitingly foreign sound or experience … yet that takes a while as you might not even want to move on from that stage…..because that very foreign sensation is very exciting and you don’t want to let go of that intoxicating sense of excitement… but when you are in that phase, you can’t really work or develop the that hooking tune further…. a thousand words are flowing and coming to you in a disorderly and mostly confusedly manner, you won't fit in it as many words as possible.……all the words that come to your mind …all of them. Selecting the rights ones is like choosing one drop of water of the ocean from another one, they are and all appear to you equally powerful, meaningful as necessary..… till the excitement starts decreasing but sometimes, it can take days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months … sometimes you have to take a break from it….then at last….the emotional excitement finally settles, and you reach a level of familiarity with your tune, the song has become part of you, and you know that it’ll never disappear; you have claimed full ownership of it in the universe, that is when you can start really working on creating a song, and improve it, and experiment with the additional tunes to organically develop from the original one, and cut and add, and edit….till the moment you finally feel the time for the song has arrived to take its fully shaped form in the univ that’s that…and then you have a song… —